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Life is Precious

We were at the hospital for a while this weekend spending time with some of our best friends. We always seem to get reminders here and there about how precious life is. I’ve been trying to purposely pay attention to the beautiful world God has allowed me to live in and all the love I’ve been given and can give.

Which also makes me love and appreciate Project Life. With as precious as our life is we don’t know what we will be given. This is something I can not only look back on, but also something I can leave behind.

I have week 5 to share and this picture is me working on week 6. I’m a bit behind but plan to catch up. When I borrow a camera I’ll share these weeks and any I may finish until then!

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Project Life is definitely one good way to appreciate how blessed each person is. I mean a lot of people often neglect the value of simple and 'usual' things but if you try to document it, you'd find out how great life is! This is such a great picture of sunset!

Annabella Merlin
Creative Photo Albums

March 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnnabella Merlin

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