My name is Allison Waken and I’m a 30 year old wife, mother, photographer, dog lover! I am an Arizona native and definitely have that thin AZ blood (I HATE being cold). As much as I love the desert I think my heart still belongs to the ocean so it’s a good thing we have family who lives near the beach so we can visit often. I LOVE being busy and having lots of things to do. I love Legos, being outside, and most of all preserving all the amazing memories we love to create!

I always find it so hard to describe my style - fun, funky, graphic, but usually centered around photos. I love to let my photos tell the story since I’m not as good with words as I am a camera! I love music, dancing, typography, change, and did I mention the beach? As you can probably tell my brain goes in many directions at once but I’ve learned to embrace it - just waiting for my husband to embrace it as well!